To search for a person to sponsor, select your criteria below and press the search button. Select multiple values to narrow your search, or choose "Not Selected" to broaden it.

You can search for three different kinds of sponsorships for children in PreSchool and Primary School:

  1. Basic child sponsorships $20/month. Provides education, nutrition, uniform and healthcare.
  2. Boarding sponsorships $20/month. These children already have a basic sponsor, but need a boarding sponsorship in order to be moved out of unsafe or unstable homes and into our school dormitory. The Class 8 students also need a boarding sponsorship.
  3. Greatest-need sponsorships $40/month. These children are at greatest risk and have immediate need for both basic+boarding sponsorships. Class 7 and 8 students also require a basic+boardng sponsorship.
  4. High school sponsorships $80/month and $40/month. Full and co-sponsorship options provide education, boardng, nutrition, uniform and healthcare.
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